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Baby Registry




Living up to the world-class reputation of Jacadi, we offer unrivalled baby gifts crafted in the French tradition.


At our boutiques, a registry advisor will answer all of your questions and help you to design you baby’s everyday life ensuring while making your experience enjoyable.


We recommend preparing your registry by your sixth month of pregnancy, allowing loved ones time to prepare for your baby's arrival. With our Baby Registry as a guide, it will be easy for them to choose the best gifts for your baby.


After reviewing our nursery and baby clothing collections, a Jacadi advisor will help you compile a registry with items according to your tastes and needs. We will then provide you with cards to inform your friends and family of your Jacadi baby registry. Your registry advisor will update your registry list, and make suggestions when needed.

As a general guideline for what makes an essential kit for the new-born baby, we recommend the following:
  • 6 bodysuits
  • 5 jumpsuits
  • 2 undershirts
  • 2 pairs of socks or booties
  • 2 "coming home" outfits
  • (consider overalls, cardigan, and hat and it's best to have a spare!)
  • 1 sleep sack
  • 1 bunting
  • 2 hooded towels 
  • 1 toiletry case (for soap, baby wipes, hair brush,
  • scissors, and thermometer)
  • 1 diaper bag
  • 4 bibs
  • 2 receiving blankets


We look forward to providing you with further support and assistance at our boutiques!


Happy shopping!

Jacadi earned it's reputation as a Brand of fine French tradition through it's Birth Gifts.

Jacadi combines ancestral know-how with elegance to offer you the finest trousseaux, while giving special care to details, embroideries, and soft, comfy fabrics.

In our Jacadi boutiques, an advisor is attentive to your tastes, expectations and questions and will help you compile your registry serenely.

Select items that will accompany your baby's everyday life from among of different themes: from bedtime to play-andlearn, from bath time to meal time, from nursery decoration to baby's daily walk . . .

We invite you to visit our boutiques to find out all of your advantages.


Compile your registry starting at six months pregnancy> Do not hesitate to share this registry with your loved ones so they may take part in the preparations for baby's arrival. With your baby registry as a guide, they will be sure to chose the best gifts for your baby.



To open a registry, start by chosing an advisory boutique.* 
Your advisory shop is at your disposal to help you manage your registry.



After you have discovered our nursery and baby clothes collections, a sales advisor will help you compile your registry based on your tastes and your baby's needs.

Once the registry is made, they will hand back cards to you that will help you inform your friends that you have opened a baby registry at Jacadi. They will then be able to get in touch with the shop where you opened your registry in order for them to offer you the present of their choise. 

Your sales advisor will keep you updated on your registry list and let you know if items need to be added due to purchase being made.